“The Tinalley’s were in fine form, their playing dramatic, highly unified and rhythmically powerful. They also impressed in the Ravel Quartet creating a silken, luscious sound.”
The Australian

“Tinalley get these works ideally right, giving breadth to their introspection while adding just enough leavening humour.  Chalabi plays all the time with a sweet, unobtrusive lyricism that seems perfect for Haydn, while Michelle Wood’s cello continually impresses with its crisp articulation and shapeliness of phrase.”
The Australian

“These are remarkably fine-tuned performances. Execution on a technical level is flawless, but just as important to the enlivening of this music is a sense of timing; (the players) achieve that perfect combination of pacing and point-making that gives voice and life to Haydn’s seemingly inexhaustible well-spring of invention.”
Fanfare Magazine

“In a ­vibrant account of the Opus 20 D major quartet, Tinalley’s maturity came to the fore, the first movement’s wistful, whimsical and agitated contrasts rendered vividly, the slow movement plaintively phrased and spacious, and the breezy final movements given perky and mercurial readings respectively.”
The Australian

“Haydn’s Op. 20 No. 4 came over with a brand of steely vehemence in contour, not a note out of place and the fabric equably multilayered.”
The Age

“The Quartet has been mentored by many of the world’s finest ensembles including the St Lawrence, Keller and Takacs quartets and like these bands, have attained that all too rare balance of intellectual enquiry and technical virtuosity which sets apart the finest quartets in the field… Australian music-making at truly a world level.”
Limelight Magazine

“It’s a rare pleasure to listen to playing that is so committed to
musicianship at its highest.”
OzArts Review

“Talented, technically adept and artistically promising.”

“These performances are technically assured, warm-toned, beautifully blended and ideally balanced.”
The Strad

“This new recording, canvassing half of the epochal Op. 20 quartets, makes a superb contribution to the discography of the Haydn string quartets, and marks another major achievement in the life of this quartet”.
The Music Trust

“Tinalley String Quartet knows their music backward and forward, as if there were no phrase or note they hadn’t rehearsed, discussed or thought about, or just intuitively understood on the moment.”
The Berkshire Review

“Tinalley String Quartet’s chilling precision of execution is matched
by their constant warmth of emotion.”

 “.. stylistically impeccable listening which drew the audience ineluctably into the unique sound and mood world of impressionism.”
The West Australian

“The performance fascinated by its dense atmosphere, demonstrating the artists’ absolute mastery of the work’s complexities.”
Weser Kurier

 “…sublime colours of sound layers.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“The playing here is nothing short of brilliant, displaying a depth of understanding and a brilliant relationship between the players and their deep understanding of the music.”
Pittwater Life Magazine

“They play with dedication in every note, in every well-crafted phrase that emerges with a judicious mix of spontaneity and maturity.”  Courier Mail

“Here the music is sensitively interpreted by unabashed artists, presenting a tone whose sound is addictive, and whose performing together is not the result of a forced accuracy coming from the pressure of a competition, but from a natural collaboration of likeminded temperaments.”
Nürnburger Zeitung

“One could simply not tear oneself away from what was happening on stage.”
Trierisch Volksfreund