Through Nature to Eternity feat. Lior

Sunday @ 7:30 pm

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Singer/songwriter, Lior (Attar) is renowned for his beautiful voice and lyrics that radiate truth and sincerity, and as the world searches for compassion and understanding, the importance of music as a means of communication cannot be undervalued. In this musical narrative of love, loss and compassion, Tinalley and Lior perform a new song cycle by Melbourne composer, Ade Vincent. Three of Dvorák’s rousing love songs from his collection of Cypresses; echoes of love cherished, tormented and forgotten, are paired with Barber’s haunting ‘Adagio’ from his String Quartet Opus 11 and Lior’s achingly haunting ‘My Grandfather’. In a fi nal quest for peace, Lior and Nigel Westlake reimagine Sim Shalom (Grant Peace) from ‘Compassion’, merging the symphonic world with that of the string quartet.

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363 Hogbin Drive
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
(02) 6659 3000
(02) 6659 3000