A Time to Travel.

Tinalley String Quartet will be taking to the road in May 2020 to tour Nigel Westlake’s ‘Compassion’ with Lior for Musica Viva Countrywide.

Tinalley was inspired to commission composer Nigel Westlake’s ‘Compassion’ for smaller forces after collaborating with Nigel in 2016, when he reimagined a movement of Compassion, ‘Sim Shalom’ for Tinalley and Lior.

Given the scope of the orchestral version of ‘Compassion’, it is difficult to imagine it in the hands of a chamber ensemble, but it’s power is magnified for the intimacy. ‘It created a new propulsive energy and a more intimate relationship between instruments and voice’. The Australian.

The chamber version of ‘Compassion’, reimagined for string quartet, double bass, piano, percussion and voice, was commissioned by Tinalley and premiered at the 2018 Adelaide Festival.

In 2020, Tinalley will tour ‘Compassion’ with David Campbell (bass), Daniel de Borah (piano), Rebecca Lagos (percussion) and Lior as part of Musica Viva CountryWide to regional New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


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